About The Editor

My name is Brenda and I would like to welcome you to my blog.
I enjoy topics that include homemaking, Chrisitan living values, country living, homesteading, gardening, etc...
My hobbies include reading, cross-stitching, coupons and going to thrift stores.
I use this website as my on-line recipe box, family memories scrapbook and what ever else I find that is of interest to me. Putting my recipes on my blog is a good way to eliminate the clutter of recipes still in magazines, tossed in a drawer etc...it is also a lot easier/quicker to type in what I am looking for than going through my recipe boxes. Modern technology has its benefits.
Disclosure & Privacy
Some of information that is found on this site may be sponsored by adverisers and the links are affiliate links, meaning that when you click on them I make a profit. So thank-you in advance.
Last updated on 12/14/2016

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