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The Best Guard Dog Breeds | Great Pyrenees

The Best Guard Dog Breeds | Great Pyrenees

   In Europe they are known as the Pyrenees Mountain Dog. The gentle giants were named for the mountainous region in south-western France where they once had a very specific job.
   Their specific job was guarding sheep. They are nurturing toward small and wounded animals.

Great Pyrenees |Characteristics 

They are nocturnal by nature. They will nap by day and guard their territory by night.

They are independent.

They are calm and laid back.

They have the stamina to walk long distances. Did you know that in World War II they were used to shuttle contraband goods through mountainous areas..

Has double-dew claws on its rear feet, it is thought that these came in handy when climbing steep terrain.

Great Pyrenees | Health Related 

Weight: Usually 100 lb +
Height: 32 inches from the shoulders

These dogs will need a lot of exercise. So if you live in an apartment, this is not the best breed for you. They thrive best in large fenced-in yards as they will have a tendency to roam. Our neighbor has one of these and I have seen him (Bear) wander 5 miles up the road.

Like many large breeds, they are susceptible to cancer later in life, particularly bone cancer.

Great Pyrenees | Grooming

They have weather-resistant double coats that come in one shade....White! However, they have been know to have brown or cream color patches in their coats.

Needless to say, these dogs will sred a lot given the amount of hair they have. Expect to brush them more often in the spring and fall when they tend to shed the most.

Great Pyrenees | Training

This breed of dog can be difficult to train, so don't expect them to be doing party-tricks. However, if you start early, they can be trained.

Great Pyrenees | Family

These dogs are sweet-natured,  loyal and protective.
They are good with children, patient and affectionate

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