Monday, February 6, 2017

Save Money On Groceries | Without Using Coupons (Part 1)

This is an overview of the tips in this video plus a few more of my ideas which will be in italic:

Their budget for her family of 6 people is about $500.00 per month. This does not include non food items like paper products, toiletries etc...I know this because I have been following them for quite a while.

To cut the cost of food required for special diets (gluten-free) limit what you eat. A loaf of bread can last you 7-10 days if you are the only one eating it. Perhaps one day eat a poached egg with a slice of gluten free bread, the next day eat a bowl of oatmeal. The key is portion control.

Don't just cook for just one meal. For example, when you make a roast that will be one meal along with mashed potatoes and broccoli. Another meal will be roast beef and gravy over pasta, toast or rice and the 3rd meal may be roast beef along with roasted veggies. So that is how you get 3 meals out of one roast.

Here is a link to USDA Thrifty plan she was referring to.

Apply the same idea with chicken.... whole chicken with potatoes and veggies for the 1st meal, the second meal could be chicken noodle soup and the third meal you prepare chicken with stir-fried veggies over rice.

When you find a good sale, stock up and freeze. She was able to get 40 lb of blueberries for $40.00 and now in January they are still enjoying them.

Make easy meals. Don't spend more than 30 minutes preparing them. If you can, limit the amount of dishes and pans you use. Who wants to spend all that time in the kitchen washing dishes and cleaning up.

Regarding generic foods: They are less expensive and often many people can not tell the difference between the name brand and the generic version. Often the generics and name brand are often packaged in the same facility. Having said that,we all have personal preferences. I prefer Hellman's, and Jif peanut butter, my husband prefers Heinz ketchup. Mike prefer Cheerios and Hershey's Syrup. If you hate a generic "take it back". What you save in over-all generics will pay for the occasional brand name item you just have to have.

Seasonings: Make your own

Check out the clearance items.

Sale By Date: This is the date the store has to sell the product by. It is not a freshness date. Dairy is usually good for 7-10 days after this date. Meat is about 5 days afterwards.

Best By Date: It will be safe but not necessarily fresh. It will taste the best before that date.

If someone has to have something in particular, put their name on it, Reserve it only for them.

Set a limit on what you buy, just because your kids like chips doesn't mean that you have to buy them. They will buy a few bags of chips every 2 weeks and once they're gone, no more.

Don't make a special trip to a store to pick up an item that  will save you $0.50 if it is going to cost you $2.00 in gas to get there. Stock up on that item only when you are in that area.

Below is the link to her cookbook, which will help you cut down your grocery bill. I own a copy of this book and refer to it often. 

  Living On A Dime (E-Book)

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