Thursday, February 9, 2017

Little Savings Can Add Up

With just a few minor changes, you can save big bucks!

Start with water - When dining out, order water instead of another beverage. Whatever money you saved by not buying a beverage, stash it away in a savings. That $10.00 a week savings will add up to $520.00

 For your daily shopping needs (coffee, lunch, gasoline etc...) pay with cash. Statistaically, we save about 30% more than we would if we paid with a credit or used a debit card. they suggest this saves us about $30.00 a week. ($1560/yr)

 Stretch the time between your haircuts. If you go every 4 weeks, start going every 5 weeks. This will give you a savings of about $150/Year.

 Call and see if you can lower your home/auto insurance by about $100 each. that would be a total of $200/year.

 Those Painless savings total  $2430.00

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at *Attibution: This article includes  my personal perspective and insight and is a summary of an article I read,  Advice was given by Mary Hunt, on page 23 in the 2/8/16 issue of Womans's World Magazine

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