Sunday, February 5, 2017

Home Economics Lesson | 1950's Style

Home Economics Lesson | 1950's Style

Girl's were wondering what would they do after high school?
Several were going to college and get a degree in Home Econocmics.

Even for young women who would prefer to to be a full time homemaker rather than  a career woman, Home Economics would benefit them and prepare them for home life.

For those leaving for college, what would her room be like? Would she have a roommate? This was their first time away from home, finally she'd be on her own.

Classes for a degree in Home Economics, all seemed to fit together.

Applied Art would help prepare the young ladies become build up knowlegable about design & color.

Physics in the Home Would help them to see how things ran (I.e Household applicances)

Food/Nutrition You'd learn the how and the why.

Sports: Swimming, dancing - Would allow a break from classes and studies. 

Chemistry: They made Cream of tomato soup, Cooking is applied chemistry. It also discussed the relationship between chemistry and textiles.

In a nutshell, Home Economics means much more than a career. It is a study of everything that makes up a home. Incluing those who live there because people are more important than things.
Anything & everything you learn in home economics will turn out to be useful.

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