Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cheap Pet Medication


Looking for Cheap pet medication? Medication from our vet is pretty expensive, I'm always looking for ways to save.

Our 5-1/2 month old Black lab puppy, Spike, had a vet appt yesterday and he is now a whopping 55 lbs!

Now that Spike has reached this weight, I can no longer purchase his meds in a one month supply, I have to buy them in 3 or 6 month increments.

I'm researching......

Nexgard (60-121 lbs) (Flea/tick prevention).....My vet charges $134.00 for a 6-month supply.......Because the dog won't stay out of the water, the topical stuff doesn't last as long as the pill form. Pet meds sells it for $116.08. (That is a $17.92 savings and shipping is FREE!)

Sentinel (51-100 lb) (Heartworm/parasite)....Our vet charged $10 per pill. 1-800-PetMeds sells it for $56.69/6-mo supply. (The savings is only $3.31 but when I factor in the fact that a trip to the vet cost 2 hours in commute + gas + wear/tear on my car it comes out to be more that $3.31. Worth it to me.

Below is a search block for 1-800-Petmeds

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