Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Suggestions For Making Your Home Comfortable & Cozy

Cozy Corner
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  • In your living area always provide a comfortable spot for all your family members, plus an additional spot for company, never know when a special someone might drop-in! If you have large men in your family they would appreciate sturdy, supportive, sofas & chairs rather than a flimsy wicker chair. Children get a kick out of furniture that is “just their size”. Just about everyone appreciates soft cushions, tables placed within reach of sitting areas, and a comfortable mattresses. Make your living room an area that practically invites people to sit & relax.
  • A cozy home is well lit. Keep in mind what people do in their down time; do they like to read or do needlework? Then brighter lights may be needed in those area. You don’t want anyone have to squint to see what they’re doing.
  • Temperature needs to be thought of. In the fall & winter, a glowing fire is rather toasty feeling when it is a wee bit chilly outside. An extra sweater, cup of hot cocoa and some cozy quilts/afghans nearby makes a nice little added touch.  In the heat of summer a cooling breeze can be rather refreshing so open up those windows! Nothing prettier than a sheer lacy curtain blowing in the breeze!
  • How is the emotional comfort within your house? Is your home restful and familiar? Can you connect with each other? Doss your home offer places people can go when they need/want to be alone? Do you feel safe, yet free to be yourself without the fear of rejection?
  • Many things can evoke emotional responses in us. The choice of colors can be either cozy, warm, restful or cool.iconTextures of fabric and be silky or cuddly. Soft music playing in the background can be soothing and offer a bit of rest. How about the smell of fresh coffee brewing, a batch of cookies or fresh breading baking in the oven. If you don’t have time to bake, how about a nice scented candle.
  • A few suggestions for adding some nice added touches include putting a nice vanilla-scented hand lotion in the bathroom, putting a pretty lace table-runner or a scarf on a coffee table or dresser, soft dim battery-operated candles or real candles burning in your foyer.All of these with create a special homelike atmosphere.
  • How about adding a table with a not quite done puzzle needing to be worked on in the midst of a room.

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