Friday, December 18, 2015

Make Yourself At Home

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Is your home just a place to live or is it a restful retreat where your family can be themselves, to relax, laugh, have fun and dream?
Most homes consist of a roof, and living quarters (hopefully) but I dream of our home to be a bit more than that. I would prefer that it be a a place of beauty, joy and comfort. A place where people want to come and spend time. Not because they have to, but because they want to.

"Making yourself at home",  is the true definition of the word homemaking. It is a challenge for anyone who sets out to live a more comfortable, a richer and more productive home life. It requires action. We can't just sit back & wait for something to happen.

Examples of making yourself at home would be to surround yourself with people you love, objects you cherish, memories that make you feel good and ideas or projects to motivate you. By building our nest (I think every women has that nesting instinct) we create in our self, happiness & productivity. It  create a home environment that renews us and provides us with rest iconand contentment.

To accomplish this we need to choose to invest our time, our tender loving care, and our energy to make our homes neat, warm and welcoming. It's up to us ladies!

 The ideas for my article came from the book, Welcome Home, by Emilie Barnes.


  1. I also completely agree. I think too many women get wrapped up NOT being a homemaker. I hear too often, "Oh, I can't cook." end of conversation. I, too, could not cook up until about 15 years ago, but I tought myself! I may sound old, but I'm 40, and it's my generation that is missing out!