Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hacks For Making Your Home Cozy

  1. Keep a notebook of ideas you like. Don't allow a limited budget keep you from dream. Dreaming is free and doesn't cost a thing! When the money comes available, you will already have an idea of what you want. Get inspired by looking a magazine, books, other blogs, TV shows etc...
  2. "Dress Up" your house for the change of seasons. I like to change the place-mats on my dining room table monthly. For this time of the year (winter, in the USA) pull out cozy Afghans, heavy warm comforters for the beds, Extra throw-rugs for cold floors (and feet!) In the summer how about putting up light, blow-in-the-breeze type curtain sheers, In the fall "Dress-Up" your home in colors of orange, yellow, rust etc....You get the idea.
  3. You child's artwork can is a decorating treasure. I once worked for a doctor who framed his children's artwork and hung it up in his office. They were full-grown adults but the artwork was from their childhood.
  4. Keep your home orderly and welcoming with a 15-minute principle a day. Get yourself a kitchen timer and break-down necessary tasks into 15-minute increments. Spread it out through-out the day. I did something similar when I had to strip old wall paper in a room, I worked an hour a day on the task, 8 hours and 8 days later, the job was completed. We sometimes tend to put-off huge jobs, but when broken down in smaller time increments, it can give you a sense of accomplishment when the job is finished.
  5. Get rid of that mental idea that "it has to match". Remember there is no written rule stating this. Variety is the spice of life! Unmatched pieces can offer  warmth and individuality to your home.
  6. Looking to create a warm, personal look? Why not use handmade items; wall hangings, pillows, how about a completed puzzle that your family put together, glue it and have it framed. If you're not a crafty type of person, or lack the time you can always check out your local craft shows, thrift stores, yard sales, Etsy, Amazon, E-bay, and even websites you visit regularly. Many of us (including me) will sell craft projects they've made. These Craft projects also make great "gift Ideas".

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