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  Review written by: Shahzaib Anwaar


If you are like me and buy or grow fresh produce in bulk when it is in season or on sale, then you know all too well the challenge of storing/preserving all that food, especially when longevity is a concern. What you need is a dehydrator. In this Excalibur review, we will talk about just the product that you need! Freezing or canning are a couple ways of preservation, but these either take a lot of space, require time and effort or reduce the nutritional value. I personally find drying to be a very efficient food preservation method for vegetables, fruit and meat, and extending the shelf life of the produce without sacrificing nutrition. Drying requires a food dehydrator which is perfect for families, individuals, the health conscious and dried goods retailers. For this purpose, the Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator has been a great addition to my kitchen.


The Excalibur 3926TB preserves food by drying which enables me to purchase in bulk and save a lot of money, and also enjoy low fat snacks whenever I like. The brand has been leading the market for Dehydration technology for almost 35 years and is usually the go-to company for professional dehydrators. This model has a lot of great features and keeps harmful toxins and chemicals - which are commonly found on commercially dried produce - at bay. A study I came across stated that home-dried natural produce has most of its nutrients conserved. The Excalibur 3926TB can be used for dehydrating vegetables, fruits and even meat. The item uses heat to evaporate excess water content in food which extends their life by preventing bacteria from forming and spoiling the food. I like how easy it is to use this product as all it takes is a turn of the easy on/off switch. I also like the complete control I get over the dehydration process due to the adjustable thermostat which boasts an impressive 26-hour timer. Certain foods require overnight drying while others only need a short duration to dry perfectly. An unspoken bonus feature is the beautiful aroma of dehydrated produce wafting around the house in the morning. Before I dig deeper into this Excalibur review, I feel it's important to point out that this is not the cheapest food dehydrator available on the market, but it surely is one of the most professional ones in its category. The high price is justified with the many features it provides, such as the thermostat and the 15 square feet space for drying that sets it apart from the competition. It is perfect for solo people, families or those who are thinking of starting a small home business.

  • A temperature dial on the top gives control over how hot the air should be, which stops case hardening - when the shell of a vegetable or fruit dries and hardens on the outside, but water is still trapped inside.
  • The Excalibur is very different than its competition because the heating source and fan are at the back of the machine, rather than on top or bottom. This eliminates the need for the trays to be shuffled after every short while for even air distribution.
  • A timer dial is also found on this specific model that can be adjusted to 26 hours. This is a nifty control as it allows me to engage in other activities without having to worry about burning my batch. The timer shuts the machine off once the drying time is complete so that the food doesn't burn even if you forget about it. I can also customize the drying time myself or select from the existing options.
  • The nine trays are easy to remove and slide back inside the dehydrator. They are also very easy to wash which was a relief. I have even used the trays upon occasion as a sieve to drain any excess fluids from blanched blueberries.
  • The layout of the trays is great - if any food particles fall or drip through the spaces, they fall to the bottom of the machine and not into the motor as is the case with standard dehydrators. Additionally, the trays have their own dedicated tracks and don't stack over one another. I sometimes remove some trays to make space for larger items.
  • A flexible poly screen tray is included to avoid foods from sticking to each other.
  • The dimensions of this product are 12-1/2 H x 17 W x 19 D, there is a 7-inch fan and the voltage is 110V.

The Excalibur 3926TB dehydrator is considered as one of the most useful kitchen appliances by some users. The following are some of the things that real customers had to say about the Excalibur 3926TB: “These are very dependable and the company stands behind the product. They may only have a guarantee of 10 years in the USA, but this consumer has had the first one for 35 years” - By Trejofan on August 14, 2013 “It has a timer where I can set and forget. This means that I can have my perfect jerky in the morning without it being over dried” - By Darin N.on July 7, 2016 “I really like the timer that can be set to shut it off. I don't want to have to constantly check on it.” - By Elizabeth Hinkleon June 18, 2016 A couple of things that users generally had a problem with are: The fan is too loud for some people, but tolerable. Customers also felt that solid mats should have been included with their purchase as they are essential for processes such as making fruit leather.

  • Preserves Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs Quickly And Easily
  • Dries Fish & Meats In Just 4-6 Hours
  • Makes Fun And Flavorful Fruit Rolls That Are Good For You
  • Makes Great Yogurt!
  • Makes Delicious Prosciutto And Beef Jerky By Dehydrating Meat!
  • Make Croutons For Fresh Salads By Drying Bread
  • Is Ideal For Home Crafts Too Like Making Dry Flowers Arrangements.
  • Saves Money On Your Food Bills
  • Eliminates Preservatives & Additives
  • Eliminates Excess Salt & Fillers
  • Lets You Say “No More Junk Food”

The Excalibur 3926TB reduces time and effort on your part as you can basically leave the unit to do its thing, and produce perfectly dried and preserved products ready for storage! 

Did I mention that it has a 10-Year Warranty!

Now that is a company that takes pride in it's product.

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