Thursday, December 17, 2015

Does Clutter Control You or Do You Control It?

As you were heading out the door to an important event, you just realized you can't remember where you laid the car keys.......the story of my life!
How many minutes or hours do we spend looking for items because we failed to put it in it's proper place...If for instance, someone asked you or any of the following household items, Would you know where to find them? gravy boat, ruler, scissors, extension cord, mouse trap, extra shoe laces, the silver dollar uncle Bill gave you, masking tape, the recipe book for that waffle iron you rarely use, eye-glass repair kit, the extended warranty paperwork for your computer.....
Have you ever taken the time to look at God's creation? Everything he designed is organized and tidy. Everything has it's own place.
At home, sometimes finding what we need can be somewhat of a challenge. We waste a lot of time searching for needed items we misplaced. As  christians, we sought to learn to be a good stewards of our time (as well as our money) How many times have you bought something you thought you needed to find you already had one.
A small step we can do to to help us towards being a good steward, is to rid yourself of clutter, and finding a place for every item in our homes. We can accomplish this a little bit at a time. Look at your closet, what have you not worn in the past year?  How about that extra toaster you've been holding on to "just in case" or "in the event of an emergency".....
My husband hates to get rid of things "we just might need", I once had to take some drinking glasses and place them in a box. I told him that if the box remained unopened after a year....out they go! And out the went!
Start out major over-haul needed. Just keep plugging at it.

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