Sunday, November 22, 2015

Turning Anywhere You Go Into Home


This is some advice given by Edity Schaeffer, the author of
The Hidden Art of Homemaking advised to a newly married bride who may not yet have a permanent home of her own. She suggest that the young lady start “Homemaking” in a hotel room, even if the couple is there for only 1 night. Here are a few simple and small ideas.

  • Buy a small tablecloth, large enough to fit a table for two — A good one with the idea of using it for a lifetime. She said by even doing this “small thing” can make it feel like yourroom. Add to that a candle and flower.
  • Never travel without a candle that can stand on its own. (Don’t forget the matches) Never leave the candle unattended.
  • Small vase with a flower. Even one flower is enough to make a difference. If you’re in the city, buy one off the street, if your camping perhaps you can find some ivy, wild flowers etc… If you’re near a beach perhaps some seashells to make a pretty table scape.
She also suggest that people should make the place where they currently live a place of their expressive taste. Even a single person can start collecting some things to be used throughout their life, and will be your familiar things that will give you continuity.
A single person can have a collection of silver spoons, a favorite tea set, or a small painting, a lovely tray, a fine bed cover, that can go wherever you go from one house to another, one city to another, one country to another, from one job to another. These few things can fit in a suitcase, but they will always be your familiar surroundings making your next place.
She says that if you stop putting off “homemaking” until your hope of marriage develops into a reality, and start to develop an interesting home right now it seems to her that 2 things will happen: 1st you will develop into the person you could be and as you surround yourself with things that express your own taste and ideas; and 2nd, as you relax and become interested in areas of creativity you will develop into a more interesting person to be with and other people will very likely find that they will enjoy being with you more!
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