Saturday, November 14, 2015

Extreme Couponing 101


I’ve been researching “Extreme Couponing” for 2-3 months now, because I am just in the beginning stages, this is still a work in progress for me, so I don’t have all the answers, but I’ll  post a few things I’ve learned that may be helpful. I think couponing is a wonderful way for us to learn to be good stewards of our finances. Homemakers & Homesteaders can benefit from this. We homesteaders/Farmers may grow our own food, but from time to time we all need to make purchases at our local grocery stores for those items we can’t grow or barter for.
  • Plan menu’s around what you have in stock, rather then picking a favorite recipe with  hardly nothing on hand which will result in you needing to buy the majority of the required items at full price. I’m guilty of this! 
  • Plan to purchase items when they are on sale and plan to really stock up!
  • Since I live in a rural area, I have a subscription to the Sunday newspaper. I also purchase coupon inserts separately. I’ve used Whole Coupon Inserts. This works for me  because a trip to town to pick up a newspaper is a 2 hour ordeal. Purchasing the inserts is the same cost after I figure out the cost of my time, gasoline, plus the wear & tear on the vehicle. Other services I’m aware of, but haven’t tried yet are the  Coupon Clippers and Coupon Things By Dede.
  • Internet Coupons are everywhere! Check out Red, , Smart Source or your favorite grocery store website. One thing to keep in mind is that these coupons go pretty quickly, especially if they are high value ($1.00 or more) so if you see something you may use in the future, it’s a good idea to print it up
  • Have you ever went shopping and forgot to bring along your coupons? Now you can just load them on your loyalty card. Clipping coupons can be a thing of the past! For example, if I were to go to Krogers, I would sign in to my account, and then click on the orange box that says “load to card”.
  • Stocking up on items when they are cheap or practically free is the key to savings. Most extreme couponer’s use 3-6 inserts.
  • I prefer to organize by category. Some organize by slipping their inserts in page protectors that they keep in a binder, others prefer to organize by date and the location of where to find the needed coupon. (Red Plum 3/31, Smart Source 4/2,) etc..
  • Don’t use coupons, “just because you have one”! Wait until the item goes on sale. Then stock up. The idea is to get as many on sale and not plan to buy that item again until it goes on sale again.

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