Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tips For Organizing Your Homestead/Farm Kitchen

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A lot of women spend a lot of time in the kitchen, (I know I do)
Therefore, it ought to be the most effectively planned area in your home.  Is your kitchen counter organized or cluttered? Why not put away any item that is not used daily. For myself that would include our juicer, ice-tea maker and even the stand-up mixer. By doing this not only will we make more working space for yourself, but also save time by not having to dust or clean splatters off them on a regular basis.
Another suggestion is to store like-items together. For instance, if you have to pack lunches you will find it easier if you designate a specific area in your kitchen (perhaps a drawer or cabinet) for all of your lunch packing needs. (lunch bags, thermos, sandwich bags, snack size bowls with lids)
If you enjoy baking, store all your baking supplies in one area (rolling pin, cookie cutters, pie-pans, etc...)
Those of us you try to be self-reliant, may want to keep all our canning supplies together. (sure-jell, canner, jars/lids, tongs, funnels etc,,,)
Our kitchens can be a lot like our purses, no matter how many we have, we somehow manage to fill them to the brim!
What should be do with all the surplus/excess stuff we don't really need.......Get rid of them!

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