Thursday, March 19, 2015

Railroad Themed Decorating

German Troops Return to the Front Kissed and Waved Goodbye from Their Womenfolk

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I plan to decorate the room (living room) where my husband works on his model railroading in a railroad theme. He was delighted at the thought of this. In fact, just the other day, he was wanting to know when I planned to get this idea rolling. I got this idea after visiting several vacation sites over the years, where they were decorated in the homeowners preferences. If they lived near the beach it was beach themed with items such as seashells,star fish, seaman, ropes, nets, seagulls, driftwood, etc... When we visited the Smoky mountains the theme was bears, and rustic themed cabins. Your home should reflect the personalities of those who live there. Here are a few items i'd like to purchase for my husband


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