Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Make Your Own Catfood

I just purchased a huge bag of Beneful dog food for my son's dog, and then my husband heard on the news that a class action lawsuit against Nestle/Purina's Beneful brand was initiated on 5 February 2015.
So I thought to myself, perhaps it would be best to make our own petfood.  I figured I'd start with the cats, as we have four of them. Here are a few recipes I found. These are mostly cooked cat food recipes, there are plenty of raw diets out there too.
In regards to our journey of becoming more self-reliant in the foods category, this could be one step in that direction. We can produce the chicken/liver, eggs, vegetables, bread crumbs in these recipes. Eventually, we hope to get some cattle for beef. Other possibilities for meat would be venison, which is free and plentiful around here. Other options would be goat or rabbit meat.
Some things we would still need to purchase, such as the fish or rice. Or we just don't make the recipes for the items we have to buy. Now if we could find a salmon farmer and do a little bartering with chicken/eggs......

Cooked Cat Food (1 days worth for 1 cat)
3 oz of cooked meat (chicken, dark - beef, pork, lamb, tun or salmon)
1/3 cup of any of these - rice, oatmeal, barley, corn, peas or pasta
1/5 cup cooked sweet potato w/o the skin
1/4 teaspoon oil (vegetable, safflower, olive or fish)
1 tablespoon of feline vitamins/minerals

Tuna Patties
1 can of tuna in oil
1/2 cup boiled rice
1/4 cup pureed liver

Raw egg yolk or soft boiled and mashed or chopped

Salmon Delight
1 can salmon
1 tablespoon mashed broccoli
1/4 cup whole wheat bread crumbs
1 teaspoon brewers yeast

Sardine Treat
1 can sardines in oil
2 T. grated carrot
1/3 cup cooked oatmeal
Image courtesy of Tina Phillips at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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