Thursday, March 19, 2015

Host A Swap Party

Four Happy Housewives Having Tea

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 Do you need to de-clutter, down-size, move, simplify etc.... Why not host a swap party. To start, pick a theme for your party. A few themes ideas may be, kitchen items, fashion, interior decor, children's toys, books, recipe swap, cookie swaps, flower/vegetable seed swap,  tea/teacups, board games, computer games, music DVD's, movies etc... Invite a few family/friends/neighbors over. In fact, why not make it a potluck.....ask everyone to bring a dish. Simplify it for all involved. When the guest arrive have them place the items they bring on a table. Allow everyone to take turns and pick an item they need off the table or if you want to add a little fun to it When your guest arrive, tell them to put each item they have on the table. For each item they put down, give them a ticket and tell them to write their names on each (for example, if they bring 1 item, they get 1 ticket, if they bring 3 items, they get 3 tickets) Now put all the tickets in a box, mix them up good..........You do have some nice music playing in the background, right! This will add to the festive mood. Pick out a name, allow them to pick whatever they want! Now they get to pick the next name out of the box.....the next person has a choice, they can take an item off the table or they can take the item from a previous person who had a turn. When someone takes an item that you already chose, you get to pick another item from the table. Repeat this cycle. After all your guest have gone home ,you can be happy  that you just had the opportunity to share the abundance that God blessed you with, and best of all you were able to "shop" for needed items and not even spend yourself a single dime!      

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