Thursday, March 19, 2015

Homemaking Is About Making A Home

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 The homemaker is not to serve as a family's maid. Homemaking is more about making a home.  In a business setting, the manager is a person who makes the decisions about what needs to be done and then will delegate the responsibilities accordingly. Think of yourself as the manager of your home, it is your job to delegate the task that need to be done,. The sole responsibility to get a job done doesn't fall on you only. Can you think of any reason why your preschooler can't make their own bed, pick up their toys, fold the wash clothes, or put their clothing away? When you allow your children to help out by giving them household chores you are in fact, teaching the habits that they will need to need to run their own households in years to come. They learn that upkeeping the home is a responsibility of every family member in the household. If your 12 year old tracks in mud, why is it your responsibility to clean it up? Let the child learn the work that is involved in dragging out a bucket & mop. Don't forget to show them that cleaning up the mud doesn't end with just cleaning up the tracked in mud, it also involves rinsing out the bucket and mop head and storing in it proper place afterward. Your 12 year old has now learned that it's easier to take their shoes off at the door it they are the one who is responsible for cleaning up their own mess! If you have a new driver in the family (your 16-year-old) don't forget to have them wash the car, vacuum it out, etc.... they, will be a bit more careful about leaving those fast food wrappers or pop bottles in the back-seat or on the floor, if they know that they are the one who is responsible for the cleanliness of the car. Remember, homemaking is more about making a home and less about being the maid to the entire family.  

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