Saturday, August 21, 2021

My Intermitten Fasting Daily Weigh-In Log | My Rules For Sustainable Intermitten Fasting

 My Rules For Intermitten Fasting 

This Is How I Plan To Make It Sustainable For Me.

Fasting Window: One-Meal-A-Day (I will attempt to fast 20 hours before eating to allow fat burning)
Eating Window: Any time between 12:00-4:00 (Most often I eat between 12:30-3:30) I want to remain flexible.
Saturday is my cheat day; Sunday-Friday are my fast days.
I will usually try to fit these occasions into my eating window, but If I can't I will break my fast for these reasons: 

Special events/holidays, weddings, showers, funerals, church related activities, vacations/travel, unplanned last minute opportunities to eat out with family/friends (picnics, potlucks, dinner invites)

 Emergencies/medical appts away from home 

 I will not limit portion sizes or types of food in any event. I will enjoy this time spent with family & friends. I will get back on track as soon as the event is over.
● If I go off plan for any reason during the week, I still take my cheat day as normal on Saturday. On cheat days I can eat whatever, whenever and how much I want. I have until MIdnight!
● During a fast the only liquids I can have is coffee or tea with cream, 0 calorie beverages,  unsweet almond milk, Shrub made with flavored carbonated water.
● I will attempt to get in a minimum of 10,000 steps per day. 
● I will try to eat only until satisfied and not over eat.
● My goal is to be happy with any weight loss, no matter how small (i.e. 0.1)
● If I hit a plateau, congratulate myself for maintaining my weight! 
● Never quit! Find solutions to issues preventing you from reaching your weight-loss goal.
● Remember, this is not a diet, it is your new way of life. It works around your life, not the other way around.

These rules so far have been working for me. I obtained the idea from the author of this book Kayla Cox. I purchased this book and highly reccomend it. 

My Daily Weigh-In Record (My week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday)

DateAmount Lost this weekTotal weight LostHow many days have I been doing this?
7/17/211.11.13 days
7/24/211.9310 days
7/31/212.35.317 days
8/7/211.16.424 days
8/14/210.97.330 days (1 month)
8/21/210.47.737 days
8/28/2144 Days
9/4/2151 Days
9/11/2158 days
9/18/2165 Days (Two months and 5 days)
9/25/2172 days
10/2/2179 Days
10/9/2186 Days