Thursday, July 13, 2017

How to Clean Shoes

This video is targeting re-sellers (like myself) who are looking to up their profit margins by offering a nicer looking pre-owned item.

How To Take The Written Price Off Of The Soles
(I.e. purchasing a used pair from a thrift store)
He uses the Easy Cleaner, Just apply some to a rag and scrub vigorously until its gone.

How To Clean Sneakers & Athletic Shoes
Once again, use Easy Cleaner to scrub the dirt and grime off of the soiled areas. See the above instructions.

How To Use Edge Dressing
The Edge Dressing comes with its own built-in applicator. You literally will be "painting" in on. Make sure you try to make the applicator as dry as possible, scrap the excess off on the side of the bottle. He put two coats on it. Great for men's dress shoes.

How To Repair Leather Shoes With Scuff Marks 
This is where the Doc Martins Wonder Balm is used. Apply some to a rag and thoroughly rub it into the shoe.

How To Remove Strings Sticking Up On A Shoe
Use a lighter to remove the strings.

How to Remove Scraps Off Of Buckskin Shoes
Apply Doc Martin Wonder Balm to a rag and rub it in really good.

How To Repair A Shoe That Is Losing It's Color Or Is Scuffed Up
This is an easy fix, Use Shoe Polish Cream,. A little bit goes a long way, so apply a small amount to a rag and work it into the leather.The soft leather is very porous.Be careful with the stitching, try no to go over it. On the lighter spots, use more creme and allow it to sit for a bit. While it is sitting, go to another area and work it in. Now use the horsehair brush to blend it in.

Recommended Cleaners
  1. Saddle Soap (Makes a mess, best to do it outside if possible)
  2. Leather Honey (mix w/ water and put in a spray bottle)
  3. Doc Martin's Wonder's Balsam
  4. Easy Cleaner (Gets used a lot)
  5. Express Shine Brushes (Black, neutral color)
  6. Edge Dressing (Uses a lot - He uses one of these per month)
  7. Horsehair brush (Kiwi brand)
  8. Creme based shoe polish... It comes in Black, Dark Brown, Med Brown, Light Brown
  9. Lighter (Uses to burn off any strings)
  10. Shoe Goo

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