Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sourcing Ideas In The Winter Time

This is an overview of this video given by Lindsey.

Clearance Isles/Bins at Grocery stores, Walmart, Pharmacies, etc...

Think Extreme Couponers....They buy way to much, or they have products they don't like. They use Facebook communities to move these unwanted items. They create groups in their local areas to swap or sell these stockpile items.

An extreme couponer will match coupons with sales and get them at a discounted cost.

Examples she gives: 

Oley Body Wash Retails around $5.00 per bottle + tax. She purchased 10 bottles for $2.00 a bottle. She list them on ebay for less than retail price and still turn a profit. You may be susceptible, but these products really do sell. she has been selling them for over a year.

Shampoos/Conditioners Brands that sell well include Herbal Essessces, Pantene Pro-V, and Aussie. Couponers can usually get these for under a dollar in most cases. Sell theses on Ebay in set of two. Preferably matching sets of Shampoo and conditioner. she will sell two sets for about $18.00 (two shampoo/2 conditioners) doing this, she doubles or triples her money.

Mencare Items: Bar soaps, deodorants, shampoos
she sells more of men's items than she does for women.
Dove shampoo for men. she will sell them in sets of two (these fit easily in a padded envelope) She sells them for $17-$18 per set.
Old Spice 2 in 1 sells really well. She gets them for about $1.00 per bottle, they aren't as big as the Dove but she can fit four in a padded flat-rate. She sells a lot of 4 for $16-$18.

Razors: Men or woman's are a really hot item. they sell like hotcakes. People love razors. She usually sells out of the men's before the woman's. Couponers have boxes/cases of these that they got for free. they often sell to you for about $2.00 a pack. She sells them for about $22.00 a piece on ebay. Gillette Daisy is a very popular brand. There is about 11 razors in the bag.Venus and Bic sell really well. she finds that the twin blade razors sell better than the multi-blade razors.

Deodorant These sell really well. Again, the men's sold out compared to woman's. She has sold Old spice, Dove, Speed Stick, Brut. Women'd deodorant takes time. However, the men's will usually sell quickly. She generally sells the deodorants in groups of 5 or 10. 10/$25.00.

Woman's Feminine Care Products Panty liners & maxi pads sell really well. She hasn't sold the tampons as of yet. I saw several of these under the sold listings. 

Incontinence/Adult Diapers sell well also.

Cough Drops: Look for unique brands. Luden's brand is popular because the brand is not available everywhere. don't sell the usual flavors like honey, cherry, lemon etc...Try a unique flavor like Strawberry-Banana. she doesn't recommend Hall's, not much of a profit in this brand. She sells four bags for $12.99. 

Pre-Moistened wipes, windows, scrubbing bubbles disposable wipes, dust cloth, anything house-hold related. super lightweight. she sells the Clorax Dust wipes for about 2 boxes/$10.00.

Sites to assist you in finding good sales include Kroger Krazy, hip to save.com, and krazycouponladies. are good sites that will assist you in pair coupons up with store sales.

Drink Mixes : Crystal Light, Country Time, Kool=aid. People love their beverages, coffee, tea and hot cocoa sell well also. Krogers will have mega sales making them $1.49 but if you buy 5 of them they will deduct $5.00 making them $0.49 each. she has sold bundles of these Kool-Aid mixes for 5/$30.

Bar-b-Que Sauce Sweet Baby Rays. Everyone love this brand. It is a hot seller. Especially in the summer this goes on sale for $0.99 each, she will stock up and sell these for 4 / $20.00. Even better if you can provide a variety selection 4 / $22.50. Do the same with Tabasco sauce. She would sell a lot of these for between $25-$30.00. Look for rare flaors that may noot be available everywhere.

Snack Crackers She got some of these for $0.99 a bag at a Kroger mega sale (Goldfish vanilla cupcake flavor)  A new flavor, rare for some people. She sold these for about $6.50 a bag with free shipping. ship two of these first class for around $12.00. she sells in ones and pairs.

Canned chicken She sold 10 oz cans in lots of 5 for $25. It only cost her $1.50 a can.She has sold this more than once. Who is buying them? Campers, home-bound/disabled. there is a market for canned goods. there are people who can't leave their homes.

Dinty Moore Beef Stew. She can fit 5 cans in a padded priority flat-rate. Her cost was 5 / $20.00 She paid $0.99 each. Nothing special about it. It is easy to expand your Inventory. These also have a long shelve life. 

Prices fluctuate, do your research before you buy it. check the expiration date on the products you buy and get the furthest date away.

These type of items are at garage sales. Especially military families who will be moving soon.

Sometimes it will take a while to sell, sometimes it will fly off your shelf. These will fill your store. This is good for those who are just starting out. It will bring in sales for you. 
Think outside the box.

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