Thursday, January 5, 2017

Windshield Wiper Fluid | Make Your Own

In a clean recycled milk jug add:

1 tbs of either dish soap of liquid hand soap
1/2 cup ammonia (omit if you want a non-toxic solution)
8 oz bottle of Isopropyl alcohol
Add enough water to fill the jug.

This is the cold weather recipe. For hot weather you can omit the alcohol.

Jug - Free, Recycle a milk jug
1 T. Soap - about .05
Alcohol .50
Ammonia .14

Total cost: $$0.69 Jug (even cheaper if you omit the ammonia)
  • Before you pour this is your car, leave it out over night to make sure it does not freeze. If it is slushy or froze, add more alcohol.
A local gas station was selling it for $3.12 so this is a savings of  $2.43

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