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Food Preparation & Preservation

Morning, 1799 Giclee Print
Morning, 1799   By: Francis Wheatley Item #: 9034817
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A man who grew up in the late 1930's & 1940's was recalling when he was a child he could remember his mother making cheese and churning butter. His sisters, who were both older than him would help their mother with all the canning, which they did a lot of because there were no freezers back in those days.
   When it was time to pick the corn he said his dad would get up really early in the day picking 300-400 ears of corn and then hauled them to their backyard. Later that morning two of his mom's girl-friends were always invited to share in the bounty, so the women, along with his sisters would began to shuck the corn, the kernels were than cut off the ears, and put into large pots. When the pots were full they would then pack the corn into quart size canning jars and then would be
placed into a water-bath. The jars of the golden bounty would sit on the stove for several hours until the tops were sealed.
At the end of the day, the corn which was enough to last the entire winter, was equally divided among his mom and her two friends.
In the Fall,the whole family would pick crab apples for making jelly.
If anyone has any stories to pass along about the good ole days! I'd love to hear about it!

 Attribution: This article is a summary & review of an article I read in the Fall 2014 issue of Capper's Farmer, pg 38 written by Kenneth W.

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