Friday, December 16, 2016

Senior Pet Care

Older pets have special needs. Here are a few way to keep them healthy.
  1. Up your Vet visits to twice a year rather than the annual once a year visit. Ask you vet to check their liver and kidney functions via some blood work. In fact, ask your vet to run a blood test called the IDEXX SDMA.  This is a new kidney function test that will allow your vet to diagnose CKD in both cats and dogs making it possible to manage kidney disease more effectively due to earlier intervention. I lost a cat because of this. In most cases this is commonly caught too late and this chronic disease affects one in three cats.  
  2. Ask your vet to check your pets vaccine titer level because if your pet has enough antibodies they may be able to skip with the booster shot.
  3. Give your pet an over-all massage from the tip of their tail to the end of their nose, you are looking for any lumps or bumps. Report any abnormalities to the vet.
  4. Older pets often have achy bones due to joint conditions. did you know that 1 in 5 dogs have osteoarthritis. with cats it is as high as 1/3 of all cats. Consider giving them an Achy Paws Warming Mat which uses your pet's own body's warmth to comfort them. Hey, I wonder if they got one for me! I got achy joints!
  5. Did you know that obese dogs live up to 2 years less than a pet that maintains a healthy weight? So if you have a pudgy pet consider a senior formula food. These food usually have lower calorie counts with additional added nutrients. Look for a high quality food because your senior pet is not able to digest food as efficiently as they used to when they were younger.
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Attribution: This post is a summary of an article I read in Woman's Day, June 20169 issue written by Gillian A and is also my personal perspectives/experiences.

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