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Self Sufficient Living

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Self Sufficient Living

If you are a wanna-be homesteader I'm sure you have read many books that tell you that if you move into a rural area you can make your garden/farm/homestead pay. However, if you do manage to accomplish this, your homestead is no longer the refuge that you had hoped it to be.

The fact of the matter is, a successful small farm/homestead is one of the most difficult businesses around. It requires back-breaking work and long hours. I'm not saying it can't be done, but most of these books are better for just dreaming. Sure, they offer informative helpful advice but in reality, the majority of us who live in our rural paradises have to work an outside job off our homesteads. If you're lucky, your job is close proximity to home. In our case, daily commutes to and from work are often a road-trip of 2 hours per day, and sometimes more.

Ways To Make Money

Sure, you may be able to make a little extra money off your homestead such as by selling eggs, chickens, vegetables, firewood, leasing land etc....but more often than not, it will not be enough to cover all your living expenses. I just think most people should be aware of this and not learn this lesson the hard way like we did.

When we first moved here we had big dreams, we were gonna live off the land and earn our living from our happy little farm/homestead. We learned early on, that full-time income from our farm/homestead, at least enough to pay our living expenses was not going to be possible for us. (Again, for some, it may be possible)

What we had to do was re-think why we moved here and what we hope to accomplish. Originally, we were thinking of it as more of a business, something to make a profit from, but now (ten years later) we are looking at it more as trying to live a more self-sufficient life, a healthier life. Depend less on "the system" and do and/or provide what we can for our self.

Another reason we moved here is for stability, we want a sense of home, a place that is all our own. A place that we built together. A place where our family can visit and we can reminisce about times past.

If you are begining your own journey to a life of self-sufficiency, Please stop by our website frequently to check back so we can share what we're doing, mistakes we've made, what works, what doesn't, and hopefully answer any questions you may be having based upon our own personal experience.

Chuck & Brenda

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