Monday, December 5, 2016

Poultry Supplies


Poultry Supplies: What is The Best Type Of Fencing for Your Poultry

We highly recommend the Premier PoultryNet Electric Fence. The name of the company that sells it is Premier 1 Supplies. This particular fence is one of the companies top seller's. This is the same electrical fencing we currently use and have been using for 9 or 10 years now. If you glance at the above picture that is our chicken coop. As you can see it's pretty old and predators could easily get into it. Therefore, this type of fence is essential for us. It has completely eliminated ground predator attacks.
It is quite costly initially, but if you take good care of it it will last you for many years to come. (Remember, we've had ours now for 9-10 years) In addition to the fence, you will need to have a power source for it.  We currently have a solar paneled battery. However, the one we are currently using is no longer available. If you're interested in a solar powered battery, the Parmak Solar Pak works well with this fence. If you're not interested in a solar powered battery, there are other types available that will work with this fence.
The fence is 164 feet in length, plenty long enough for us. If you need more length you can hook two fences together.
I do find that the weeds or tall grass will impact it's effectiveness but if you keep the weeds trimmed regularly, not much of an issue. What we do is have one person lift a section of fence while the other person .trims the weeds.It only takes 10-15 minutes.. Double that if you have two fences.
The fence is extremely easy to set up. I should note that it can get tangled pretty easy, so just make sure your careful when moving it.
Several years ago we had  a raccoon climb a near-by tree and jumped over the electrical fencing, right onto the chicken coop roof, so if you have trees near your electrical fencing, make sure that you take the time to cut away any low-lying limbs, because when the predators are hungry or have young to feed, they will find a way to get to your chickens.
Even with the minor problems listed above, this is still our preferred type of fencing. We have also raised pastured poultry and with this kind of portable fencing it made moving them daily pretty easy. You will love the contentment of your flock as they graze fresh grass, and chase after bugs . Expressing their chicken-ness!
If you have goats, I would think this fence would work well for them. But, this is my personal opinion. 
I plan to get goats in the future, I’ve bought some books and am reading up on them before I get them. I’ll give you a personal goat testimonial on the fence as soon as I get the goats. But if you need a fence for your goats now, Premier does have a fence made just for goats/sheep, it too is a top seller for the company
I found a video on youtube that shows you how to install the electric fencing. In this video, he is setting up the sheep fencing, but it's the same set-up for the poultry netting.

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