Monday, December 26, 2016

Homesteading | Jobs

Homesteading | Jobs

Jobs in rural areas are limited. The opening often go to the locals.....As the saying goes, it's not "What you know", it's "Who you know".....Of coarse, there are exceptions.

The jobs in rural areas are usually specialized like logging or being able to operate farm equipment, and not only operate the farm equipment but a skilled mechanic who is able to fix it when (not if) it breaks down.

If you don't have a reliable, steady monthly income (pensions, disability payments, retirement) then you may want to consider perhaps living on the out-skirts of a sizable town or near a college/university so that you can put your skills to use.

From personal experience, a two income family who are both working full-time, making only minimum wage can make ends meet, provided they have no debt. However, it's the "extras" they may cause difficulties.

"Extras" I'm referring to is not just luxuries but also necessities needed for emergencies and maintenance for your household.

So, before you purchase property, make sure you have a job opportunities close to where you will be living. I speak from personal experience.

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