Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Gardening Terms

If you are new to gardening you may need some clarification of what these gardening terms mean, Here is information you may see on seed packets.

Annual: This refers to a plant that lives for only one year. 
Bush/Pole/Vine: Usually refers to vegetable (beans for example) A pole or vine variety grows from a central point and can be trained to grow up a trellis. The bush type takes up a certain amount of space is is more compact.
Days To Germination: The date when you will see your sprouts emerging.
Days to maturity: This is the date that your vegetables are ready to harvest (to eat!)
Germination Requirements: Each lot (batch) is tested to see how many of the seeds are good.
Hybrid: Two different parent plants were crossed to create another type of plant that has specific characteristic. You can not save seeds from a hybrid plant.....if you try, you don't know what you'll end up with. 
Light Requirements: Some plants require more light than others. This alerts you to if a plant requires full sun or partial sun.
Organic: Refers to being grown without the use of artificial chemicals. (We garden organically) 
Perennial: This is a plant that will come back year after year.
Planting Depth: New gardeners tend to overlook this, but it is rather important. This advice prevents  you from planting the seeds too deep or too shallow.
Planting Space: This will help your in providing enough room for plants to grow and not be overcrowded.
Seed count: Tells you how many seeds are in the pack. Important is you have a garden layout plan.
Variety: This tells you what kind of flower or vegetable you plan to buy It tells you the specific characteristic of the variety such as the color, taste, storage characteristics and the growth.
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