Saturday, December 10, 2016

Earn Money on Your Farm/Homestead

How to earn money on your homestead in wv

  1. My favorite would be an inspected kitchen so I could bake pies, cakes, jelly etc... I love to bake!
  2. Catering (inspected kitchen required)
  3. Market Garden.
  4. Sell hay or straw.
  5. Board horses (if you have pastures and/or a barn)
  6. Chickens (eggs)
  7. Chickens (meat)
  8. Poultry (sell as laying hens)
  9. Goats (meat or dairy)
  10. Cattle (Beef or dairy)
  11. Sheep (wool or meat)
  12. Turkeys (seasonal)
  13. Pick-your-own (small fruit, apples, blueberries, whatever)
  14. Pumpkin Patch
  15. Pay pond for fishing
  16. Lease out the land for hunters (seasonal)
  17. Lease out the land for primitive camping.
  18. Small cabin, tent, or a bed & breakfast for a farm experience vacation.
  19. Lease out goats to clean other people’s brush.
  20. Firewood
  21. Sawmill for lumber
  22. Rabbits
  23. Sell manure for gardeners that don’t have access to it.
  24. Breed dogs (Good farm dogs for protection of poultry and for herding)
  25. Orchard
  26. Hayrides
  27. Making apple cider.
  28. Aquaculture
  29. Greenhouse: sell flowers, seeds or plants
  30. If you have old barns/buildings some companies will purchase them for other building projects.
  31. Demonstrations of days gone by; the forgotten art of plowing with draft horses, blacksmith, making brooms, canning etc...
  32. Maple syrup
  33. Corn mazes
  34. Space for weekend flea markets
  35. Agitourism/Recreation
  36. Sell Arts/Crafts
  37. Bees/Honey
  38. Lease out your land for other farmer who need pasture for their livestock.
  39. Raise game-birds for hunters (pheasants, grouse)
  40. Field crops (corn, wheat, oats, soybean etc...)
  41. Organic specialty
  42. Herbs
  43. Pet cemetery
  44. Rent out your barn or another area for farm-themed parties
  45. Petting zoo
  46. Sorghum
  47. Pet sit other peoples animals when they go away.
  48. Trail-rides (horses) We did this with a lunch that consisted of hot dogs, burgers, baked beans!
  49. Trail-rides (Hiking)
  50. Trail-rides (4-wheelers) icon

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