Sunday, October 2, 2016

Natural Remedies For Schizophrenia

This  video was posted by a person named Gordon in the summer of 2015.  He states that he was hearing voices for 14 years. He claims he has never taken any medication nor has he seen a mental health professional for this.
He said that he suffered  from psychosis, mainia, depression and hallucinations. 
This video was created as a way to help people who were having side effects with their medication and would like to try a non-medicated approach to deal with their psychosis and/or schizophrenia.

In Summary | 11 Natural Ways To Help Cope With Psychosis

  1. Store a "Happy Picture" in your head. When your mind is troubled, you can refer to it.
  2. Take Deep Breathes and concentrate on the "Happy Picture". Do not allow your thoughts to trouble you, nor allow your thoughts to drift in areas that will produce guilt, fear and paranoia.
  3. Find a song or sound you like and repeat it when the voices trouble you. Try this if a radio, music or televison doesn't help block out the voices.
  4. If you are unable to sleep or are suffering from sleep deprivation listen to a soothing audio of your choice. Other options include leaving on the TV or Radio.
  5. To help you from feeling paranoid and to keep from isolating yourself discuss what you're going through with family & friends. They love you and want to help you with this.
  6. Exercise.
  7. Repeat positive reinforcements to yourself....I am a good person, I shall have nothing to fear, I have nothing to feel guilty about. I will overcome this, I will not allow it to rule over me. With God, all things are possible! (My input)
  8. Keep a written journal of your experiences. This will help bring you back into reality.
  9. Get a hobby. Find something that interest you. Crafts, reading, hiking, gardening etc...
  10. When the voices you hear anger you, do not respond to them in public places or in front of people.
  11. If you run into other people who experience a similiar experience, educate them on how these natural coping mecanisms may help them too.

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