Sunday, October 2, 2016

Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock

This is a 235 foot sea stack located in Cannon Beach Oregon. Some claim that it is the 3rd tallest intertidal structure in the world. However, there is no official documentation to prove this.

It is a popular tourist destination. The Haystack Rock tide Pools are Home to many animals to include starfish, crabs and sea slugs.

Several birds use the rock as a nesting sites.

Fun Facts

  • The Haystack Rock can be seen in the opening scene in the movie the Goonies. In the scene the Fratellis are fleeing from the police and then they enter a race on the beach. It is seen in the background. You can see it later in the film when Mickey is pointing out some rocks in the distance.
  • You can also see the Haystack Rock in the movie Kindergarten cop during the carnival scene.


The rock was formed by lava flows that came from the blue moutains and Columbia basin. 
The rock was once joined to the coastline but years of erosion have since separted the monolith from the coast.

These are three smalled adjacent rock formation to the south of the Haystack Rock called the needles.

We visited here in the fall of 2012


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