Sunday, June 19, 2016

What Is A Hope Chest?

What Is A Hope Chest?

Many young ladies today don't even know what a hope chest is. 

 For those that don't know, a hope chest is a piece of furniture, basically a chest, that contains household linen, clothing, or anything a young lady might need to set up her household, in preparation for her marriage. 

Women would generally get their hope chest between courting a man and an engagement. 

Other names for hope chest in the USA are dowry chest, trousseau chest or cedar chest.

 In the United Kingdom they referred to it as a "bottom drawer", they put aside the bottom drawer in their chest of drawers for their collection.

 Women in Australia refer to it as a "glory box".

This was a customary gift in the Amish community  and they refer to it as a wedding chest. It would be given to the bride & groom.

Because  brides leave home when  they marry, the hope chest was made to be portable.

What sort of items would go into the home chest? 

  • Young ladies would do needlework or other artwork and place it in the box for wall hanging in their future homes.
  • Clothing, such as a pretty/special dress, 
  • Table and bed linens, quilts, blankets, dishware, bake-ware, kitchen items, or a pretty apron.

I think a hope chest is a perfect gift for a young lady approaching a marriageable age. 

Product Details

particularly like this Coaster Bench Wood Storage Bench. It has a dual purpose. Not only can the young lady store her dowry items but she will now have a seating area in her new home.  

Here is a link for some hope chest showing you what they look like. There is a large variety of styles and colors to chose from.

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