Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How to Keep Deer Out Of Your Garden - Pt 2


In Part 1, we covered how to keep deer out of your garden with smell, today will will cover how to deter the deer with sound & sight.

  1.  Leaving a radio playing near the garden. Vary the stations that you play. For example,have pop-rock one day, talk radio another evening, heavy metal, rock or country etc... Their long pointy ears pick up on the smalls sounds and the radio will alert them that something is not quite right. Although, we tried this and this did not work for us. Although, I can't recall if we changed stations, as where we live we only get one station. I guess I could put in a CD and give it another try.
  2.  There is a motion sensor call DeerChaser that turns on the radio and a small spotlight when a deer wanders within a 25-ft range. 
  3.  Electronic YardGard is a weather-resistant motion sensor that emits a powerful and annoying signal when pest approach the garden. You can adjust the frequency to target a variety of pest to include deer, skunks, rodents, coons, dogs, cat etc...The device runs off of household current or four "C" batteries. 
  4.  Alum pie pans tied to stakes in the garden flop in the wind making noise and spook the deer. We heard that plastic bags did the same thing. We tried the plastic bags and it did nothing to scare them off.
Did you know that deer are color-blind? Despite that, they have excellent eyesight.
Anything that is white will put a deer on guard. Why? Because a deer's bushy white tail is a natural danger flag and will put deer on guard.
1. Put a temporary electric fencing around a garden.The recommendation is Electric Tape. This fencing is white and has a black stripe on it  that catches the deer's  eye. The tape bouncing like a deer's white tail warns the deer to be wary. Plus the deer are smart enough to know that the fence is an enclosure and they may not be able to get out once they are inside. The fence only standa 4 feet high so it is more like a psychological barrier. It carries a whopping 9000 volts and has enough of a punch to hurt but not incapacitate the animal.

Image courtesy of MrWildLife at (pt 1 & 2)
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