Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tomato Gardening Tips: How To Keep Your Tomato Plants Upright


Tomato Gardening Tips

To help your tomato plant stay upright and to maintain proper air circulation you need to prune off the suckers.

What are suckers? They are what emerge at the spot where the tomato leaf attaches to the stem. If not pruned it becomes anther stem. By pruning these it improves the quality of the fruit.

Tomatoes that are trained onto stakes do best when pruned down to a single stem.

Caged tomatoes should have the main stem + 2 additional.

Chip off the unwanted suckers every few days.

Fun Fact

Gordon Graham from Edmund Oklahoma harvest a 7 lb 12 oz Beefsteak tomato. This tomato set a record and has yet to be beaten.

Attribution: This post is a summary of an article I read in Organic Gardening magazine, April/May 2014 page 47.

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