Friday, May 13, 2016

Our Newest Additions: Geese


They've been hanging around for about a year (off & on) I'm not sure if they belong to anyone. This picture was taken in my back yard. They started out with 9 little goslings, they are now down to 5.

Geese are usually bred for their meat and specialty eggs. I once made a duck egg for my husband, not telling him what he was eating, he said he thought it tasted "funny", he wasn't a big fan.

I know that they are excellent lawn-mowers and great "watch-dogs"!

Can't tell a goose from a gander when they look so much alike? Don't feel bad either could I.  Check it out!

I'm trying to figure out what breed the white one is . It has a tuff of feathers on it's head. It's almost as if  he is wearing a hat. The Sebastopol breed is known for their curly feathers, but it doesn't have curly feathers on the body. I read that there are many crosses that have been created along the way and it is impossible to tell many apart.


This picture was taken  in the ditch in front of our driveway. I guess they figure this is the perfect spot for a beginner swimmer. Recently they began to take them in the slow moving part of the creek to swim.

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