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Tips For Feeding A Family Of 5 For $300.00 Month

The author of the article stated that she can feed her family of 5 for about $300.00 per month. (the article was written in 2008)

   How does she do this? She says she will use what she has on hand. If she runs out of something, milk for example, she will not make a special trip to the store just to pick up some. The family will not suffer any ill effects for being without milk for just 2 days. Let them drink water! It's good for them.

  If you run out of bread, perhaps you can make a batch of biscuits, rolls, muffins or cornbread.

If  I am having hamburgers for dinner and realize I have no hamburg buns, we can eat it between two slices of bread. It won't kill us. Learn to make do!

Another way to save money is to make less trips to the grocery store.
I know one family that only shops once a month. They will eat up the fresh produce the first week and after that they will use canned or frozen products.

When you shop, make a habit of checking out the manager's specials. Kroger's is my favorite. They always got great bargains.

Try to purchase meat only if you can get it on sale for $1.99 or less per pound. Keep in mind the butcher will mark down the meat that is nearing the "sell by" date. Stock up! Never pay full price.

Milk is good for a few days, in most cases for a few days after it's "sell by" date, it freezes well. I like to put it in 2 cup jars. They un-thaw quickly when froze in small quantities. I find it perfect for when I need a cup or two for a recipe. I just place it in a bowl of warm water and use it immediately.

Pay attention to portion sizes, we live in a society where everything is super-sized, Look t the food label and familiarize yourself with a proper portion size. Don't allow your family to eat out of the bag, put it in a bowl.

Pair these savings with coupons! Even better!

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*Attribution: This article includes my personal perspective and insight and is a summary of an article I read, written by Tawra Kellam who is a frugal living expert on, pg 63 in the July/Aug 2008 issue of Countryside magazine.

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