Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bond With Your Teen & Make It Fun!

Score some quality time together and give your child's well-being a push in the right direction

Cook Meals With Your Teen

     This will give your teenager a chance to learn basic cooking skills and will come in later in their life. Young adults who prepare their own meals during their college year are more likely to consume less fast food and more whole grains, fruit & veggies.

Connect With Them On Social Media

     Teens who are friends with their parents on social media have stronger bonds with them offline. Experts, believe the sneak peak into your child's world and provide the opportunity for you and them to connect when not physically in the same place.

Friendly Competition  

Strength Training can help your teenagers reduce their risk of heart disease and diabetes, according to a new study. Do simple moves like lunges and  using your body as resistance.
Turn it into a contest, make it fun. Who can jump rope the longest, or do the most sit-ups....

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Sources: SarahCoyne,PhD Assoc. Prof. College of Family, Home & Social Sciences.

*Attribution: This article includes my personal perspective and insight and is a summary of an article I read on  pg 97 in the Sept 2014  issue of woman's Day.

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