Friday, January 11, 2013


"Hey!  Elbows off the table." - New Yorker Cartoon
"Hey! Elbows off...
William Haefeli
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Mealtimes used to be wonderful occasions where all family members regrouped and humorously share their day. There were often long, sometimes heated discussions, and opportunities for teaching children manners and the value of certain foods.
My jogging has been an eye-opener. In the morning I see mothers dragging sleepy-eyed youngsters out the door clutching a pop-tart. That's breakfast!
If I jog after our dinner hour I often see those same people lugging sacks of hamburgers into the house. Judging from the paper plates and beer cans strewn around garbage cans, it appears that eating is quick, effortless, messless and probably doesn't add much to family life.
The author read somewhere that the average father spends less that 2 minutes per day with his child. This could get relieved some if we re-establish mealtimes. But that gets back to the female factor again.
If you're a working mom, I'm sure you have found many convenient ways of preparing meals on budgeted time. I icon  learned long ago that tonight is when I need to think about what I will serve tomorrow night.Nothing makes me more frantic than to arrive home after a day of meetings and have nothing thawed for dinner. You can have eggs only so often!

*** This was an excerpt from the book Free to Stay at Home: A Woman's Alternative

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