Sunday, December 30, 2012

You Only Get 1 Chance!

Suspense, Poster
Suspense, Poster
Charles Burton...
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I am speaking to the young Christian woman who are trying to decide between a career at home or outside the home. If your working means putting food before your children, I would agree that is what you must do. But if you are yearning for a color TV or an extra car or even just to get away from the zoo, (a chaotic home) I pray you will seek God's will.
A color TV can be purhased at any time, but the nurturing periof of children lasts just so long and you get only one chance at it. A second car may take you more places, but what your kids receive from a mom at home will take them more places in the future.

* **This was an excerpt from the book   Free to Stay at Home: A Woman's Alternative

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